Web based application development


All our online creations are supported by dynamic and modular CMS systems capable of growing and adapting to the needs of the moment, creating relations between the various databases within them.

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Smart Working based

Thanks to the systems of recognition and account validation on SSL protected connection, our CMS allow the sharing and management of information simultaneously to multiple operators, connected with different systems (fixed, mobile and retina) and operating in different geographical locations making them particularly suitable for external collaborations and teleworking.

Division: Web based application development.

In designing our CMS (#cmsincloud - content management system) we took into account some primary functions for the user in order to make them: simple, intuitive, dynamic and above all modular, because today's needs can change or develop during the course of time. Another consideration, during the design phase, was to make the systems technically self-generating (e.g. the generation of the various layouts, the resizing and positioning of the images, the ordering of information, the drop-down menus, the flow variables , the search tags, ... are managed autonomously and dynamically by the various systems). Another fundamental aspect that characterizes our systems is the particular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management that allows dynamic indexing of keywords for each single record that is analyzed, by the various search engines, as a single SEO optimized HTML5 page and inserted in the Google sitemap list (sitemap.xml) as well as images (sitemap_images.xml) automatically generating update indexes in search engines in real time.

All this makes an online project, always updated and smart working thanks to the possibility of working from any device connected to the network, easy to consult, browse and especially indexed in search engines.

The amount of records that can be managed in the various CMS modules is unlimited, moreover each single record can be classified with multiple thematic research areas, contain attached documentation (pdf, doc, zip ...), photos, images, YouTube videos, creating, automatically, a mediagallery for every single information.

The web-based software development team is able to create interactive modules using multi-table databases in correlation with the flow of information, on specific customer needs.


A dynamic and modular "engine" always available 24x24x365 everywhere, simple, intuitive and capable of adapting to your way of working. Ready to grow to meet your current and future needs.

Stefano Borghi
Web based application development