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Having a few tens or thousands of people visiting your site every month ... makes a huge difference!.


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Division: Media and digital marketing.

Being reachable through search engines is certainly useful, but it is a "passive" operation ... we wait for someone to find us. Globalization has shifted marketing models into an increasingly "active" form, that is, we are the ones who spread our products, our ideas, our services as much as possible to a targeted audience that is as wide as possible. Social Networks are an incredible viral spread. Disclosing your information, news, previews, events in Social Groups, creates a viral and loyal mechanism in the dissemination of information.

In addition, indexing in search engines takes time and is too tied to technical variables. Our solution consists of a decidedly "active" approach in periodically creating graphic and editorial contents that will be disseminated in the highest number of social thematic groups relevant to your type of activity and / or in reference to your target audience. The disclosure will bring any potential customers, who will want to deepen the topic, within your site. In this case the numbers become important and make a difference in terms of results.

Since years, we have created a specific division that deals with "media and viral marketing" and is composed of marketers, publicists and journalists who, technically supported by webmasters, develop SMM (Social Media Marketing), SRM (Social Reputation Management) and Brand Reputation for the public and social perception of the brand.


Disclosing your projects, your ideas, your services, your products to an audience interested in your market is the easiest way to get immediate feedback. Actively communicating with your audience means creating interaction, interest, participation ...

Riccardo Grippi
Media & Digital Marketing