A long history on the web


Visionaries who believe in results, real, tangible and measurable ...

In over 20 years of activity we have learned to to listen to our customers.
in years of activity we have learned to to listen to our customers and to evaluate the perception of their target.


Portfolio, when results matter more than words

In 1996 two professionals, coming from two of the largest Italian companies, in terms of revenue and activity, of information technology [Finsiel SpA] and traditional communication [Armando Testa SpA], decided to create something innovative for those times.

So med|ICT was born, one of the first Italian Web Agency. The mission was to fill the gap between IT and Communication, now an extremely current concept, ICT Information and Communications Technology, but at the end of the second millennium it was simply an indefinite concept.

In years of activity, we have followed hundreds of more or less complex web-based projects, created online HR job-recruiting systems with massive access and complex ad-hoc systems for large multi-national companies in the pharmaceutical sector, supported large ICT systems of State structures, but also implemented CMS for the content management of professional firms, small and medium-sized enterprises. In all cases, putting all our professionalism, competence and experience in it.

Massimo Grippi
co-founder med|ICT

Expertise Timeline

On April the 30th 1986, the National Research Council of Pisa connected for the first time with Arpanet, the American network which later became the Internet. With a simple click, Italy, the fourth country to be connected after Norway, the United Kingdom and Germany, was projected towards the third millennium. We define it: a long cognitive journey.


grippiassociati is today a lean, dynamic structure, in step with the times that follows the flow of innovation, directed by one of the co-founders of the med|ICT and formed by young creatives, developers, communicators and digital marketers capable of dreaming about the future, of fulfilling their customers' dreams and expectations.