Analysis, monitoring and strategic planning


The Internet is full of online projects doomed to fail. From a Nielsen research, only 1 out of 10.000 achieves the results set without adequate strategic planning.

Portfolio, when results matter more than words

Division: analysis, monitoring and strategic planning.

Analysis and definition of the target audience, analysis of the main competitors, analysis of the reference market and of the demand, evaluation of customer/user expectations, evaluation of growth and investment prospects ... these are, in part, the key points to achieve strategic planning and set the various steps to be achieved in the short and medium term (3/6/9 months). Being able to plan the results for an online project means focusing on objectives, evaluating investments, minimizing risks.

Monitoring visitors, their paths, their origin, does not only mean evaluating the results in quantitative terms but understanding the perception we provide to user in qualitative terms. The QFM QFM Quality Function Deployment methodologies are designed to evaluate the perceptual quality of the user. In other words: "everything that is not perceived by the user is worth nothing" and therefore must be improved in the form or structure of navigation. The Analysis and Monitoring division uses certified software tools, shared with customers, to analyze data in real time, in specific time frames or for comparison, and the flow of information, in quantitative and qualitative terms.


Our goal is to transform costs into a development opportunity to bring real, tangible and measurable results to your company.

Nicoletta Bernini
Analysis, monitoring and strategic planning